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Books about the SD1
Rover Road Test Book: Rover 3500 & Vitesse 1976-86 (SD1)  
R M Clarke (Editor) 
Rover SDI 1976-86  buyers guide. Year: - 1991 Author/Material - 
Taylor: ISBN. 187307803x - approx 100 pps 
Rover SD1 Complete Story. Full Story. Year: - 1998 Author/Material -
Pender:  ISBN. 186126111x - 
of the car's design, development, production and an analysis of 
why it under achieved. HC 192pps b& w/color section. 
Rover V8 Engine Illus story of the. Year: - 1995 Author/Material - 
Hardcastle: ISBN. 0854299610 - 
Buick 215 engine in Brit motor industry.HC 208pps 
2nd edition.Rover Morgan Triumph MG TVR Ginetta etc - it has many 
Rover V8 Engines, Tuning HC illus.  Year: - 1993  uthor/Material - 
Hardcastle: ISBN. 0854299335 - 
190pps How to get the best performance for road and competition use 
Classic Rovers 1945-86. 2nd edtn.  Year: - 1996  Author/Material - 
Taylor: ISBN. 1899870075 - 
Collector's Guide to the great British car. Early vintage photos 
and specifications bring enjoyable reading. HC 144pps b&w 
Rover SDI 2000,2300 2600,3500 Man. Year:  1983 Author/Material - 
manual: ISBN. 053753430x - 1982 on- Maintenance, wiring diagrams, 
specs, etc Part No AKM 5343 
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"SD1 @ 25"

celebrating 25 years of the Rover SD1

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