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Yahoo, MSN Skins and Screensavers

Here is a 'suggestion' for your YAHOO Messenger

Would you like your YAHOO MESSENGER to look like this ?

well its as easy as this.......heehee

Create a folder under

\program files\yahoo\messenger\skins



example c:\program files\yahoo\messenger\skins\roverSD1

then download one of these files

Skins Currently available sd1skin2

right click the one you want and select 'save as'

UNZIP the contents of this file into the newly created folder.

NOW.... in yahoo Messenger click

LOGIN, then


APPREARANCE from the left hand side

as shown below

SELECT CURRENT THEME, using the downward arror on the right

so that it displays RoverSD1

(or whatever you named the new folder to)

click APPLY then click OK

That's it, new skin enabled.

I hope you enjoy this, look out for more skins soon, or if you create your own.

Would you like your MSN MESSENGER background to look like this,

well its as easy as this.

Copy the file ivyback.gif (from the zip file) into the \program files\messenger folder,

overwriting the existing file.

Backgrounds Currently available

right click and select 'save as'

MSN1.ZIP is the new background

I hope you enjoy this.

Look out for more backgrounds soon, or if you create your own.

Screensavers Currently available - unzip and run

right click and select 'save as'

Have you made any computer realted RoverSD1 things????,

why not email it to us for consideration and we may include it in the site.

e-mail as always is

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but please use your virus checker to be sure