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Attached photograph taken circa 1988 by the Serpentine in Central London. 
The "Area Car" was C1, operating out of West End Central (CD),
Savile Row, just off Regent Street, London W1.  The ugly bloke is me, the driver.
They, the car, looked and sounded the part at the time, but were too big and slow
for the confines of our "ground", Mayfair and Soho.

Nevertheless, happy days, happy memories.






'November 3', "from wreck to respect"

It all started in April 1999 when a friend Dan Muller took control of C560 DUV for repair to get it through an MOT. This very sorry looking 2600S in white was not the best of Rovers and to be honest I had seen better-looking cars in the breakers yard . But non-the less the owners wanted the work done as at the time it was an ambulance fast response vehicle and it wasn't going anywhere fast except the breakers.

Dan & Tony Deane did the necessary work including an engine change to get it road worthy. The owners of the car didn't have the money to pay the lads for the work they carried out so the car was offered to me. I had seen the car but taken no notice of it. It was just a tatty Rover that needed lots of TLC.

Upon looking more into the car I noticed a few things about it. Dan had told me he thought it was an ex Police car but wasn't 100% certain. After some detective work on the evidence at hand I dug a bit deeper. Yes! There was the identifying X in the chassis number. This was the main clue. Further investigation showed a red button on the dashboard which operates the blue lamp, 4 little holes where the cigar lighter normally is, holes on the floor pan for the Police fire extinguisher and most important a hole in the centre of the roof for the blue l amp and another behind it for the communication Arial. Other subtle little clues were the wind down windows (very uncommon for a C reg car) and basic trim & carpet.

God I was a good detective on this one.

Next thing to do was to find out more about the car and its history.

I contacted Vaughan Millard, a Police informant that I know and found that the registration was indeed a London metropolitan Police vehicle and because of the 2600 straight six engine automatic it would have been an Area pursuit car.

Next was how to get the car back to its former glory.

I sent the car for further investigation to Terry at Freckleton Rover Centre (01772 635728) in Lancashire where the vehicle was stripped methodically and searched throughout.

'November 3' arrives at Freckleton

He painstakingly took everything apart for me. Interior, engine, gearbox, Dashboard, Bonnet, Lights and doors.

Once the engine was removed you could see the years had taken their toll.

Extensive corrosion on inner wings and suspension turrets and along the lower windscreen scuttle panel.

Lots of welding and TLC needed on here.

Again, you can see the extent of the rust taking hold

Once the ambulance livery was removed, it looked very plain and boring,

but soon flattened down for repainting

Then it was welded, touched up, repaired, fabricated, beaten to submission and then repainted in 2 pack White Diamond. In the meantime I acquired some brand new wheels from Rim mer Bros, amongst other things. Terry found a donor car with very, very good interior and carpets so all that was swapped onto the car.

While the car was being painted terry set to work on the mechanical side. A reconditioned steering rack was put in place, engine top end rebuild and all blasted and repainted to look good.

Once repainted it looks like a new car. Shot blasted, rubbed down and the wheel arches repaired

Lights and fittings all done, waiting for the engine.

Sub frame all cleaned and painted, with reconditioned steering rack.

(Note: Police Cars were not fitted with power assisted steering)

All restored as a car, waiting for Police titivation

2600 straight six Engine, all renovated.

All area cars had this engine, traffic cars had the V8

This was sufficient for London's roads and pedestrians.

What a transformation, 'November 3' looks ready for action.

Rear view of 'November 3' at a Police show in May 2000.

Police transfers look good.

'November 3' at the NEC Birmingham International Classic Car Show

November 2000

As well as a vehicle rebuild I had the task of investigating the history and convictions of C560 DUV. I placed an advert in Job (the Met's newsletter) to ask on history or the whereabouts of equipment.

The response was terrific. The original driver contacted me giving me personal history with the car and I got some equipment too.




Xara arrived after 4 years in a garage, unloved, with a wiring problem, IE it caught fire every time it was started. No steering wheel, or wiper blades, half the switches missing, Lots of broken glass everywhere and much more.

TOM, DANNY and TONY have worked very hard to get the car as it is today, there are still some bits to do, i.e. Heater Matrix leaking, heater Fan not working, Over-rider misshaped.

NB Heater matrix now replaced (4th attempt), Fan squeaking (3rd Attempt and it's ok now.

My thanks to all who helped Me obtain this beauty XXX to you all

Ken (Webmaster)

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